Technicians' Code of Ethics


Never will our organization intentionally misdiagnose problems with your equipment or suggest false symptoms or replace any part or parts that do not need to be replaced.

At no time will At Once Appliance Sales, Service and Parts Company ever perform a service or repair that we do not feel is absolutely necessary to correct the service problem or problems.

At Once Appliance will never charge you or your customers for any service or parts that we do not perform or install on your appliances.

If we feel, based over 30 years experience, that your appliance is too old or worn out due to age or diagnostics to economically repair, with reasonable expectation of satisfactory continued service, we will advise you immediately. However, the decision to repair or service your equipment or take it out of service ultimately will be your decision. Appliances can be cranky, our technicians are human and humans make mistakes but our record is spotless! If we ever make a misdiagnosis, we will always promptly return to the worksite and service your appliance free of any labor charges. Of course the only charge we may make will be an adjustment for the cost of parts.

At Once Appliance employees will always treat you with respect you deserve. We expect the same in return. At Once Appliance will always make the best effort to arrive at the worksite or home at the promised time. However, emergencies happen to all of us and equipment may be temperamental, traffic can be unpredictable, and delays sometimes do occur. If at any time we know that we are going to be late, we will try to contact you with a revised time of service arrival. We believe that there is no problem that rational, reasonable people cannot settle. If any problems occur, At Once Appliance will make every reasonable attempt to negotiate a resolution that is satisfactory to you our valued customer and our selves.

Thank you, At Once Appliance Service Team

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